Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's the Gospel, Stupid...

It's no secret I keep one foot in the SBC. You all know it, I know, the Lord knows it. Why? Well, my family goes back several generations in the SBC; my grandad is still a deacon @ his church in Winston-Salem too. More importantly, it's their missions programming. You'd have to be blind or just plain ignorant not to realize that the Cooperative Program is the best thing for sending missionaries since sliced bread (but not chocolate-nothing beats chocolate).

I also believe that, given time, there is real change coming to the SBC, but 's going to be a difficult road. The young voices are speaking up. Seminary presidents are getting fed up with the sloppy theology coming from certain other seminaries and universities that are popular in the SBC, as well as what's coming from the churches. Their faculties are beginning to take notice too. Hopefully, some semblance of sanity will emerge soon. Those who rail on the doctrines of grace in poor fashion often cast themselves on rocky shoals. I'm reminded of something P.H. Mell once said, "Calvinism has never heard of him before, and if its advocates ever think of him hereafter it will never be in a connection flattering to his vanity." (P.H. Mell on anti-Calvinist Russell Reneau). Reneau had taken it upon himself to purge Calvinism from the land, as it were. Today, P.H. Mell is read and known in Baptist circles. Nobody reads Reneau or knows about him. These pastors and professors who are misbehaving need to take a page from history.

One of the brighest voices in the SBC in NC at present is Brother Nathan Finn, an adjuct professor @ SEBTS and Ph.D. candidate. He's written a series that every Southern Baptist and former Southern Baptist should read. I'd also like to encourage Pastor Sterling and Pastor Dustin to take the time out to read what Brother Nathan has to say. Brethren, you need to get to know this man. One day, our little church will be in a position to contribute to missions, and we can't live in isolation as a church. Isolation from an association has a way of eroding a church through insularity. We may find that, if Brother Nathan's words are not heeded, we'll have a bunch of sister churches looking for alternative ways to cooperate. On the other hand, if they pay attention, we may find sister churches of increasingly like mind with ours. Time will tell.

So, what ails the SBC? It's the Gospel, Stupid!

...or rather, the lack thereof. Yes, it's a long series, but it's also a "must read."

Brother Nathan, you are invited to worship at Shepherd's Fellowship in Greensboro any time! God bless you, sir.