Saturday, July 30, 2011

NCT ThinkTank 2011 Conference Videos

This past week I had the pleasure of attending my first New Covenant Theology ThinkTank in Canandaigua Lake, NY at LeTourneau Christian Camp.  This was hands-down, the best conference I've ever been to.  The reasons were as follows:
1.  Like-minded fellowship with people who obviously love Jesus.

2.  Excellent theology.

3.  Built into the NCT ThinkTank is a willingness to allow for the presenters views to be openly examined and respectfully critiqued by the other conference participants in light of Scripture.  This promotes further refining of our views so that they conform to Scripture. 
Our meeting was held from July 25-28, and we covered a variety of topics related to coming to a further understanding of biblical theology through the hermeneutic of the New Covenant – Jesus Christ our Lord, following the redemptive-historical view of Scripture.

Listed below are the links to each of the sessions on video. Manuscripts will be added later after each presenter refines their papers for publishing.  Some papers may be more detailed than the presentations.

The Earth Stove Society will be publishing an extensive reading list that encompasses the whole range of our think tank topics over the past few years.  Contrary to some, NCT is rooted in good scholarly study as demonstrated in the following presentations.  Many authors have contributed to the ideas of a solid biblical theology, although in the overall, they may not be what might be labeled as “NCT”. But, in those pages are foundational elements of a true biblical theology, in the historic-redemptive approach which is Christ centered and God glorifying. There will be references to books, commentaries, journals, articles and web site content.  Some of the references will be annotated.

Session 1 John “Jack” Jeffery
Severino Pancaro
: The Law in the Fourth Gospel – The Metamorphosis of “Nomistic Termini” and The Law in the Fourth Gospel – The Transferal of Symbols for the Law to Jesus in the Fourth Gospel.

Session 2 John Jack Jeffery
Carl F. H. Henry, “The Holy Spirit and Christian Ethics”.

Session 3 Dustin Segers
NCT and Apologetics

Session 4 Joseph Krygier
God’s Glorious Mission – Toward a Biblical Theology view of Mission(s)  Rooted in the Attributes of God

Session 5 Ed Trefzger
Apart from us they should not be made perfect: A  survey of views on Church and Israel (including a surprising NCT view)

Session 6 Ed Trefzger
Apart from us they should not b perfect  – my thoughts on an NCT-informed view of OT/NT saints and the Church.

Session 7 Chad Bresson
The Incarnation of the Abstract: New Covenant Theology and the Enfleshment of the Law

Session 8 Dustin Segers
NCT and Social Justice – Is the Tim Keller model biblical?

Session 9 Shane Becker and Joseph Krygier
God’s Glorious Mission – Toward a Biblical Theology view of Mission(s) looking at The People on Mission

Session 10 John Dunn
A Look at OT parallels, couplets, and typology of the redemptive historical theme from the Garden through the Nation of Israel

Session 11 Moe Bergeron
The Promise and the Necessity of The Spirit

HT:  Earth Stove Society